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WWE Smackdown 24 March 2016 Full show | Thursday Night WWE Smackdown 24th March 2016.

WWE Smackdown 24 March 2016 Full show | Thursday Night WWE Smackdown 24th March 2016.

WWE Smackdown 24 March 2016 Full show. Thursday Night WWE Smackdown 24th March 2016. 3/24/2016 WWE Smackdown. Thursday Night WWE Smackdown 3/24/2016 Full show.



WWE Smackdown 24 March 2016 Full show | Th Night WWE Smackdown 24th March 2016.

WWE Smackdown 24 March 2016 Full show | Thursday Night WWE Smackdown 24th March 2016.

Smackdown, taped in Boston, Massachusetts, Ric Flair. Charlotte heels it up, as usual, to guide into the gap match of the night. although the format of a gap with a promo is acquainted,
Sasha Banks def. Charlotte

Banks, a Boston native, gets an outsized reaction from the group, however, she is welcome warmly everyplace, it seems. The triumph comes once she reverses the Divas Champion. Afterward, Becky kill WHO had been on statement eliminates each of her WrestleMania thirty-two opponents before deed, then Banks hits Charlotte with a Backstabber….
Sheamus def. Kofi Kingston
In a stimulating mix of designs, Kofi rallies from AN early beating before taking a brogan Kick. Rusev and Wade Barrett interfere, as is to be expected. The New Day story arc has discovered terribly nicely for the WWE. The trio has to be compelled to develop the grim characters they continuously needed within the heel ranks before coming to the face facet of things, wherever WWE brass ostensibly needed them from the point. and since there was newer extremely a transparent flip besides feuding with the definitely heel League of states, the New Day might simply transition back if the want is at a later date.

The Usos def. The Ascension
Thankfully, this one doesn’t take long as Viktor chuck a double superkick. funnily enough, The Usos steal The Dudley Boy with a try of high rope splashes. Naturally, that results in a backstage interview between Renee Young and, therefore, the Dudleys, WHO insult the Usos’ family. that has Rikishi and, therefore, the Wild Samoans, that is one bridge too way for Roman Reigns, son of cervid, one among the Wild Samoans.

Now, this can be dedicated booking. Reigns have to have many matches to determine his momentum going into WrestleMania, however, he’s clearly not reaching to be fighting Triple H on Smackdown. This tie is sensible, and it’ll offer fans with a novel match that hasn’t been seen on WWE programming like numerous others have.

Sami Zayn-Dolph – The Miz-Kevin
Kevin Owens has established that he isn’t a decent associate on multiple occasions, however, these varieties of matches ar clearly reaching to happen to lead to a seven-man ladder match. faithful kind, once Ziggler rallies from AN early hole to induce Zayn within the match, Owens makes an attempt to induce out of the match. In comes Sin Cara, Zack Ryder and romanticism to induce him back to the ring, and Miz activates him for a bone Crushing Finale. From there, it’s the expected “finisher party,” with Ryder because the surprise lone survivor once a Rough Ryder on Owens.

This is an understandable ploy to avoid wasting some poor booking for the WrestleMania ladder match. Ryder isn’t a threat within the least to win that match unless a serious swerve is so as, but he, Sin Cara and romanticism can get a lift over consecutive couple weeks to seem stronger.

Roman Reigns vs. Bubba Ray Dudley
If you expected this to be a technical confrontation with AN actual end, you’ll be frustrated. Reigns get a giant pop on his entrance, and soon, the match could be a brawl outside the ring. Reigns take the advantage till D-Von,
This darker version of Reigns are sweet. He’s still operating as a face against the heel Dudley Boyz, however, his less fan-friendly persona suits him well. this can be the identical route that was enamored Reigns leading into his last title reign, though, and he was back to the grind this point if he’s to be the company’s high champion once more.
Next could be a backstage speech communication between Goldust and R-Truth, WHO worked along weekday on RAW. maybe they might be supplemental to the Dudleys-Usos match, however perhaps this can be a build for down the road.

A second dialogue section follows, this point between the Lucha Dragons, Sin Cara and Kalisto. each has massive title matches on the WrestleMania thirty-two card, and Kalisto – u. s. Champion – runs into his contestant, Ryback, for a fast exchange regarding the match. WWE Smackdown 24 March 2016

AJ designs def. Tyler Breeze

Styles wins in fast fashion with an outstanding Forearm, the springboard arm shot that has been a favourite among fans. WWE Smackdown 24 March 2016

Either or each of those performers ought to be within the worldwide Championship match at WrestleMania, however at the terribly least, it’s sensible that they’re operating along here. It could lead on to one thing down the road, however, Breeze has to be a lot of competitive for that to matter.

Paul Heyman escorts his shoppe, Brock Lesnar, to the ring, wherever he calls out Dean Church Father for a fight. Instead, they get enclosed by the Wyatt Family. Church Father doesn’t leave them waiting long, though, as his music hits and he and Lesnar clear the ring. this can be an understandable play for an inexpensive pop, however, it had been sure as shooting a cool moment to ascertain all that talent within the ring directly with Lesnar and Church Father in short on the identical face.

That doesn’t last long, though, as Church Father comes once his WrestleMania foe with a kendo stick before obtaining hit with AN F5 to shut out the show.




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WWE Smackdown 24 March 2016 full show



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