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WWE Raw 4 April 2016 Full show | Monday night WWE Raw 4/4/2016

WWE Raw 4 April 2016 Full show | Monday night WWE Raw 4/4/2016

WWE Raw 4 April 2016 Full show. Monday night WWE Raw 4/4/2016. watch WWE Raw 4/4/2016 Full Episode. Monday Night WWE Raw April 4, 2016.

WWE Raw 4 April 2016 Full show | Monday night WWE Raw 4/4/2016

WWE Raw 4 April 2016 Full show | Monday night WWE Raw 4/4/2016

WWE Raw 4 April 2016 Full show. Monday night WWE Raw 4/4/2016

WWE Raw 4 April 2016 Full show. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H talked an enormous game on the ultimate Raw before WrestleMania, however, Roman Reigns was prepared for a fight, sparking a brawl along with his Show of Shows opponent that needed nearly the complete list to revive the peace. will the massive Dog have The Cerebral Assassin running afraid before they resolve on The Grandest Stage of Them All? also on Raw, Shane McMahon performed AN awful achievement that grounded The skilled worker … however not for long.


BROOKLYN, N.Y. ( WWE Raw 4 April 2016 Full show )
At WrestleMania this Sunday, The skilled worker can battle Shane McMahon within Hell in a very Cell. If Shane emerges victorious, he won’t solely gain management of Raw, however, the match also will mark The Phenom’s last at The Show of Shows.




With that in mind, the skilled worker came to WWE’s flagship show, creating it clear it might not be his last at The Showcase of the Immortals. He then insinuated that male. McMahon’s comments concerning him last week could result in The Chairman of WWE’s blood being on his hands which Shane McMahon can rest in peace in “his yard.



Before he might end his ominous denunciation, Shane-O-Mac interrupted, saying that once the vicious war is finished, that WWE desires. He created it clear he would bear Hell against The Deadman and leave up to a speed of Monday Night Raw.




Zack Ryder def. Chris Jericho ( WWE Raw 4 April 2016 Full show )
Ready to war six alternative Superstars in associate degree worldwide Ladder Match on The Grandest Stage of all, Zack Ryder had to battle the main WHO command that illustrious title ninefold, Chris Jericho, on Monday’s Raw. the competition came as a results of associate degree earlier confrontation once Jericho confronted Long Island Iced-Z and claimed he wasn’t adequate for a WrestleMania moment. Before Jericho got into the ring, however, AJ styles emerged to demand that Jericho provides him the WrestleMania match he desires. whereas Jericho brushed him off, styles refused to depart till designs began AN insulting chant with the WWE Universe, inflicting a distraction that allowed Ryder to choose up the massive upset convert The religious leader of Rock ’n’ Rolla.



Charlotte def. Becky kills ( WWE Raw 4 April 2016 Full show )
Just days before Divas Champion Match in wrestleMania, friends Becky kill and Divas Champion Charlotte went one-on-one on Raw. At ringside seat Sat Sasha Banks, WHO scored a large pinfall on Charlotte Th night on SmackDown, then match, Becky followed up with consecutive Bexplexes on The Boss and Charlotte, before Sasha striking a Backstabber on the destroyed titleholder.


Big Show & Kane vs. The Social Outcasts resulted in a No Contest
With the intimidating Andre the large Memorial melee trophy at a ringside seat, The Social Outcasts’ plant scientist Axel & Bo city battled 2 titans. The match didn’t last long, however, as all four Outcasts attacked the massive Show and Kane. ( WWE Raw 4 April 2016 Full show )


Reigns all over again steam-powered through The Authority on the way to WrestleMania
After being attacked by Roman Reigns within the automobile parking space last week on Raw, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H came, alongside a fired-up WWE Universe and stood able to address The King of Kings’ close at hand confrontation against Roman Reigns WWE World Heavyweight Championship is what The Grandest Stage of all is all concerning, Triple H aforementioned the massive Dog’s 2 World Title reigns square measure nothing compared to his own obsession, that created



him the 14-time World Champion. His obsession once more once the black-clad contender powerbomb him through the table which his No. one challenger has already lost.


Kofi Kingston def. Alberto Del Rios
This Sunday at WrestleMania, WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day can battle The League of states on The Grandest Stage of all. But first, Kingston engaged The League’s Alberto Del Rio in associate degree absolute Raw fisticuffs.




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WWE Raw 4 April 2016 full Show.


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