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Roman Reigns So Far WWE Career Comparing with John Cena’s Early Run

Roman Reigns So Far WWE Career Comparing with John Cena’s Early Run

Roman Reigns is on the trail to surpassing John Cena if n Cena was early in his career. Reigns’ growing assortment of matches speaks to it.But what of Roman Reigns’ ability with a mike in hand? What of the persistent negativity thrown his method from the crowd?



Roman Reigns So Far WWE Career: 


For Reigns to climb the list of incomparable greats, he’ll need to figure those problems out.A look back at wherever Cena was at this stage in his career, though, may be a reminder of what quantity growth doubtless lies ahead for the massive Dog. Cena created his Smack-Down first appearance on June 2002.



A decade afterward, Reigns thrilling into Survivor Series 2012 once the projects issued its 1st beat down.  Reigns have currently been competitive on the most list for concerning four and a 0.5 years.Contrasting who he’s and what he is finished Cena’s early career is revealing.



Championships and Accomplishments:


WWE gave each Reigns And Cena an abundance of gold too soon. The corporate known each man as high priorities, and that they reaped the rewards.Reigns, though, is filling up his resume quicker than Cena did.


As seen on Cena’s CageMatch.net profile, his 1st title win came slightly below 2 years of his debut. The massive Dog’s CageMatch.net page notes that Reigns’ 1st Championship finish came in might 2013. That was solely 5 months into his run on the most list. And Reigns has heaped on the massive accomplishments since:



  • Royal Rumble winner
  • WWE Tag Team Championship
  • United States Championship
  • WWE Championship (three times)
  • WrestleMania performer (three times)


Cena had lots to brag concerning in his 1st few years, however, to not the degree Reigns has:



  • United States Championship (three times)
  • WWE Championship (three times)
  • WrestleMania performer

Reigns won the Royal Rumble sooner than Cena did in his career. He is on the WrestleMania marquee doublequote his counterpart at this stage too.


The numbers purpose to Reigns surpassing Cena’s total title count at this rate though the sixteen world title reigns want a record which will keep untouched.

In-Ring Resume:

The play Reigns, once he ventured on his own, was that he could not suspend as a solo act. He was too restricted and inexperienced within the ring. He did not have a separate offense. Cena looked smart too soon too, thriving against the likes of Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle.


Fans discharged him then very much like they are doing Reigns nowadays. Several declared that Cena’s superior opponents “carried” him to smart matches. A similar rhetoric is employed against Reigns, however, there ara lot of displays of excellence to deny with him than there have been with Cena. He has since flourished opposite WWE’s high performers like AJ designs whereas conjointly leading Braun Stowman and large Show to a number of their best work ever.


Cena has gone from particular to nice in his later years, changing into a stellar storyteller and a man who will bring out anyone’s best. His u. s. Open Challenge in 2015 was proof of that. Reigns appearance well on this manner to obtaining there. In-ring acumen seems to be a part wherever the massive Dog might Massive Dog might exceed The Citation Leader by the time he hangs up his boots.


In Twenty hundred six, Cena had not though donned his strong man character.And once he took the mic, he wasn’t, however, close to as masterful as he’s nowadays. Cena had smart attractiveness earlier, an attribute that solely ballooned over time.



At that stage, though, he was a piece current. Dust-Covered Giebink reviewed a January 2006 edition of Raw for PWTorch and wrote, “Cena continues to be mostly unrefined, however currently they need time to figure on that while not him being the main focus of the corporate.”


Reigns, meanwhile, will solely dream of being as magnetic as 2006 Cena. His presence is epic, and he appears like a star. However, The Juggernaut is proscribed as a utterer. He struggles with longer promos and sometimes fails to attach. WWE has generally tried to suit him into a Cena-sized peg. However, Reigns is not fitted to one-liners and mocking back-and-forth interactions with the group. He is at his best epigrammatic and intense at now.



Cena’s progress on promos, however, may be a reminder of however growth during this trade is continuous. Reigns are bound to enhance within the years to come back. However, however, there is very little likelihood he catches up to Cena there in space. There’s an excessive amount of a spot to form up.




When Cena stepped into the ring for the 2006 One Night Stand pay-per-view,  the backlash for him had reached a boiling purpose. They booed him with a visceral passion. AN “If Cena wins, we tend to riot” sign adorned within the rafters.



Reigns is obtaining similar treatment.

He’s become the go-to guy for a little of the audience to hate. Once obtaining booed out of the building once he won the 2015 Royal Rumble, the massive Dog has had moments wherever he in short won over his detractors, however, it hasn’t lasted.



Cena was well on his thanks to turning into WWE’s certified centerpiece in 2006, future huge megastar. WWE is treating Reigns as if he can imitate, however vocal fans haven’t accepted him in this mark. Triple H broke Roman Reigns nose last year; the gang cheered for the sport. Once Strawman destroyed Reigns and flipped over the motorcar he was in, the audience thanked the monster loudly and decidedly.Cena wasn’t coping with that sort of hate a decade past.




The folks at the Tights and Fights podcast asked who would get booed in a very Cena-Reigns bout nowadays, and also the majority of these who answered believed the large Dog would get the more severe treatment:


That’s not a good comparison:

Over time, the anti-Cena backlash has cooled. There’s a larger appreciation of Cena nowadays. It took an extended time and a mountain of classic matches to try and do, therefore, however, it’s happened. That could happen to Reigns eventually, particularly if some other person takes over the “No. one public enemy of the net Wrestling Community” spot.




Roman Reigns So Far WWE Career Comparing  with John Cena’s Early Run



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