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Watch WWE Raw 12 June 2017 Full Show | Monday Night WWE Raw 6/12/2017.



3. WHO is Enzo Amore & big Cass’ attacker?


As Raw head, Kurt Angle deals with a mysterious scandal that would threaten his career. He has a mystery on his show to solve: Who is attacking Enzo & Cass?


After Enzo had Backstage many weeks, his 7-foot team partner suffered same fate past Raw and it Missing chain that found at the scene of the crime. Whoever is behind attacks is apparently trying to drive between Certified or perhaps there to the Enzo and Cass situation than we have led to believe.



4. Can Alexa Bliss evade Nia Jax’s fury?


Raw Women Champion Alexa promised Nia Jax a title opportunity, and Raw General Manager Kurt ensured that the self-proclaimed “Goddess of WWE honored word. Alexa came regret that decision as absorbed the powerhouse’s offense this past Raw. In fact, had Alexa not invited a with Mickie James and Dana poet at ringside, we would have a replacement Raw Women Champion WHO is, as the song “not like most girls.




Although we can not necessarily assume that Alexa was looking to win disqualification though her bad track strongly suggests it — the conclusion title bout was undoubtedly unsatisfying for the contender, WHO set out everyone in her path afterward. Given the circumstances, can Jax receive another chance at Alexa’s title?



5. Is Bray Wyatt returning for The Kingslayer?


After Seth Rollins laid-off Bray Wyatt as a “false prophet” in a backstage interview this past Mon night, The Eater of Worlds retaliated with a well-timed distraction throughout The Kingslayer main event clash with Samoa AN interference that left Rollins susceptible to the dreaded Coquina Clutch.


Did The Kingslayer make a huge mistake in attracting the attention of 1 of the eeriest Superstars in WWE history?



6. will Dean Ambrose strike again?


Something tells USA Dean Ambrose was sneaking into parties long before he ever pursued a career as a WWE whizz. When Raw chief Kurt Angle sternly told the fired-up lunatic fringe to depart Raw and cool down last week, the unstable competition yet found the way into the building to launch a sneak attack against The Miz, WHO captured Ambrose Intercontinental Title the previous night at Extreme Rules.



Ambrose is in hungry pursuit of his reply and will relentlessly stalk The A-Lister till he gets what he wants. Miz may need to pack an extra combine of designer glasses for this Raw since he’ll need to have eyes back of his head.



Watch WWE Raw 12 June 2017 Full Show | Monday Night WWE Raw 6/12/2017.



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