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Who Will Win WWE Backlash 2017: Complete Match Card forecast after WWE Payback

Who Will Win WWE Backlash 2017? Complete Match Card Forecast After WWE Payback.

Shinsuke Nakamura can lead the manner as SmackDown appearance to big the Payback pay-per-view at WWE Backlash 2017. Payback bound up on Sunday when strong performances from many Raw’s rising stars. The blue whole can shortly be up to bat as Backlash is ready to arrive on might twenty-one. It’ll then be Nakamura, Charlotte aptitude and Baron Corbin’s intercommunicating generate buzz and build their marks.





Nakamura’s debut guarantees to be a show-stealer due to associate opponent noted for his ability to showcase his enemy. Flair is poised to search out herself on a jammed piece of ground. Corbin can get an opportunity to devour associate unsuccessful person.Backlash already has three bouts on the cardboard. The PPV’s official matches, as listed on wwe.com, are as follows:



  • Chris Jericho vs. AJ designs (United States Championship)
  • The Usos vs. Brezango (SmackDown Tag Team Championship)
  • Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal (WWE Backlash Championship)

Nakamura’s debut is proclaimed for the event, as well, though WWE hasn’t confirmed UN agency he is going to be fighting. Like with the remainder of the Backlash card, analysis of current storylines makes it clear UN agency are going to be colliding in Chicago come back might twenty-one.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dolph Ziggler:


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dolph Ziggler

Since stepping onto the SmackDown stage shortly when WrestleMania, Nakamura has double-crossed ways with Dolph Ziggler.The Showoff has created it clear that he is not pleased with the former NXT star’s arrival. He tried to superkick Nakamura within the jaw the primary time they met. The second time, he interrupted the associate interview to mock him remorselessly.


The good move to Mark Ziggler as Nakamura’s first victim on the blueBrand. Ziggler will build anyone’s offense look nice, for one. And also the two foes are seeming to possess an important match.Plus, The King of sturdy Style’s quality ought to have him bypass the Aiden Englishes of the globe and knock off a former world champ in his 1st official action.


Flair, Becky lynch and Naomi vs. Carmella,

Tamina and Natalya:


WWE Backlash 2017


Charlotte Flair and Naomi Smack-Down Women’s Championship Match last week festooned within the balance because the two warriors looked to urge to their feet. Before The Queen and also the champ may settle things, a heavy-hitting crew stormed in. Carmella, Tamina, and Natalya attacked flair.The freshly fashioned cluster had taken issue along with her obtaining a title shot thus quickly when the change of integrity the SmackDown whole. They then looked to require her out, making chaos within the method.
Flair is bound to hunt revenge on the trio. And she’ll like to facilitate. A face flip is probably going in its manner, yet as her buddying up with Becky kill. Naomi’s problems with the Natalya-led faction can inspire her to affix forces along with her enemy.SmackDown has created a habit of making an attempt to focus on a fitting portion of the women’s division at a time. Which will continue at Backlash in six-woman action?




Tye Dillinger vs. Erick Rowan:


Tye Dillinger vs. Erick Rowan


The Perfect Ten’s place on the WWE Backlash 2017 stage is that the hardest to predict.Tye Dillinger has not started a quarrel with anyone since debuting on the Blue Brand. WWE Backlash, though, can wish to focus on him at the PPV. He is a contemporary face and a well-liked trade goods.
Dillinger has already simply sent of Aiden English. Most of the standard heels are going to be busy elsewhere. He’ll have little selection then, however, to require on somebody on Erick Rowan’s level. Rowan is planless currently that his leader, Bray Wyatt, is on Raw and also the Wyatt Family story involving Orton is over. The large man’s role is probably going to become mid card fodder for guys on the increase like Dillinger.



Chris Jericho replaced Kevin Owens vs. A.J Styles

(United States Championship):


Chris Jericho was replaced by Kevin Owens vs. A.J Styles (United States Championship)


Yes, Jericho has the gold when taking down Kevin Owens at Payback. However, it’s exhausting to believe the U.S. title match not dynamical before the PPV.Jericho has been terribly open that he is taking a hiatus shortly. His band Fozzy is traveling in might.



Plus, Owens and styles have had problems with late, with The Face of America taunting and combat the No. one rival.Before Backlash, reckon knockout was winning back his title and fixing a date with the exceptional One. That pairing makes other sense.And it might liberate Jericho to come to the globe of rock ‘n’ roll.



Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin:


Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin


Once Corbin is returned, his Backlash dance colleague will be apparent.The Lone Wolf annoying Sami Zayn on the previous chatting Smack of April. He blows up after Zayn offended him. During the physical attack, Corbin banged a referee.That charge him a week away from the blue-brand as Smack-Down commissioner Shane McMahon hanging him for his dealings. The beating of Zayn will create him a new opponent.
The runner-up from the subversive is now hovering to do for Corbin what he had done for Braun Strawman on Raw—elevate him by playing his punching bag.The next stage in Corbin’s rise to the WWE Backlash title will be the destruction of Zayn in Chicago.



Who Will Win WWE Backlash 2017: Complete Match Card forecast after WWE Payback


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